Ag Systems Technology

Agricultural Systems Technology

The Agricultural Systems Technology (AST) is focused on the digital and AI tools needed to operate agricultural systems efficiently and sustainability. The name "Agricultural Systems Technollogy" was adopted as the new name of the program largely due to the digital transformation of agriculture! Agricultural Systems Technology blends the applications of physics, technology and physical systems with an emphasis on business management.

The modern agricultural and food industry is dependent on many complex, automated and mechanical systems for successful operation. Whether it is a computer-controlled grain terminal on the Missouri River, a processing line at a food plant or an expensive combine used in production agriculture, the successful operation and management of these complex systems require people who understand the principles of physical systems including energy and power utilization, mechanical and electrical systems and computer systems. The Agricultural Systems Technology faculty conduct research in and prepare students for this field. In essence, this program provides a link between the researcher, designer, engineer, manufacturer and the consumer. Students are hired as farm managers, machinery dealers, contractors, service managers and more.

Search the CAFNR faculty database for complete information on faculty research projects, interests and academic backgrounds. AST Students often earn salaries exceeding 50,000K/year! The degree is one that is sought out by many as 100% of our students have secured jobs.

List of Agricultural Systems Management Faculty

  • Open Position: Introduction to Ag Systems Technology, Electricity, Pesticide Application Equipment, Travel Abroad (Germany, England, Brazil), Seminar in Professional Development

  • Kent Shannon- Program Coordinator:Precision Agriculture, Ag Machinery, Physical Principles in Agriculture

  • Allen Thompson: Surface Water Management

  • Jianfeng Zhou: Internet of Things, Sensors and Controls, System Optimization

  • Joe Zulovich: Structures and Materials Handling

Applications to the program and departmental scholarship applications may be obtained from program advisor Kent Shannon at the Agricultural Engineering Department or by calling a departmental secretary at 573/882-7510 .

  • 225 Agricultural Engineering Building

  • University of Missouri

  • Columbia, MO 65211

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