2019 Written Exam

Associate Superintendent Contact Information

  • Dr. Richard Beard

  • Utah State University, Logan, Utah

  • Telephone (435) 797-0573

  • Email: richard.beard@usu.edu

Written Exam Format


Mark all answers on the scan-sheet using a pencil.

  • The exam will consist of 25 questions - five for each skill area of the event. Each question is worth two points.

  • You will have 90 minutes to complete this exam.

  • You may write on the exam, but information on the exam will not be graded. Blank sheets of paper will be provided if additional calculation space or scratch paper is needed.

  • If a diagram, picture, or table is needed to answer a question on another page, the question will refer to the appropriate figure/page.

  • Read each question carefully and determine the single correct answer.

  • If a mark on the scan sheet needs to be changed, completely erase the incorrect answer and clearly mark the appropriate answer on the answer sheet.

  • Each student needs a calculator to complete this examination, but calculators may not be shared between students. And cell phone calculator apps cannot be used. Bring a calculator.

  • Formulas and conversion values are provided. Do not round off intermediate answers when using the calculator to solve these problems.


Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Content Standards

Reference Sheets

  • Reference sheets specific to problems will be included with the exam.

  • These may include tables, diagrams, pictures, formulas, and additional information.

  • A reference sheet will be indicated within the specific question when a table, etc. is needed.

Please review the general references for the CDE. - CDE rules

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