2024 Machinery & Equipment Systems Skill Activity

UPDATED April 9, 2024

Contact Information:

Dr. P. Ryan Saucier, Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering Technology


The purpose of this skill activity is to evaluate students’ knowledge and ability to maintain, repair and trouble-shoot  machine and equipment systems used in modern agriculture operations. Students should be familiar with the fundamentals of machine operation, safety, maintenance, system operations, and best management practices.


A machine will be announced at a later date!


All students must wear safety glasses during the skill activities. To enter the CDE area, students must have safety glasses in their possession.


Students should be familiar with the following concepts found in the 2017-2021Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Handbook at: https://www.ffa.org/participate/cdes/agricultural-technology/


One of the largest aspects of the world’s agricultural industry is crop production. This year, the Machinery and Equipment Systems Skill will focus on the integration of machinery in this area of agricultural production and focus on the movement of agricultural commodities. In order to facilitate these tasks, an agriculturalist must be educated about machinery management, selection, and maintenance. In 2024, students will be asked to complete one or more of the following activities that may involve a utility vehicle, utility tractor, skid steer, telehandler, or grain cart.


***Teachers and Students, due to the size of the machinery that will be used in this year’s Machinery and Equipment Skill Activity, the machine could be positioned outside. Therefore, please be ready for inclement weather and low temperatures. ***

Possible activities for the 2024 event

Event-Related Competencies

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Content Standards

List of Resources:


Fundamentals of Service Series

Fundamentals of Machine Operation

Online References

Field Capacity

Machinery Management and Economics