Missouri FFA Agricultural Mechanics CDE

Event Superintendent - Dan Downing

Last Updated 4/16/24


The Agricultural Systems Technology program hosts the State of Missouri FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event during the State FFA Convention in April each year. Beginning April 2018, the event will focus on topics as developed by agriculture teachers at the annual MVATA conference.

The skill/problem solving areas for the State 2024 event will be https://dese.mo.gov/media/pdf/ag-mech-cde-revised-10-23 :

A.Electrical Circuits


B.Metal Fabrication Systems -(Yr Rotation)


C.Structural Systems -(Yr Rotation)

D.Ag Machinery(including tractors)Systems


E.Small Engine Systems


F.Environment and Natural Resource Systems

The focus areas for the State "Team" activity for 2018-2020 events are seen below.  

Note: There will not be a team activity in 2024.  

The topics that will be used as the teachers prepare the "focus areas" are published by the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) in Missouri. The link to this list of competencies follows along with the more redefine list (developed from these competencies) also follows:

DESE HS Agricultural Education Competencies

Summary of Ag Mechanics competencies taken from the DESE Competencies

Summary of Ag Mechanics competencies developed at MVATA 2018

Event Format & Scoring Outline / Information

Example plan/activity for a Team Activity

State of Missouri Ag Mechanics CDE Rules for 2020

Example Rotation Plan with Team Activity

This is a link to a planter/grain drill for the event:  https://southerncovercrops.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/grain-drills-planters-2016.pdf 

Example 2020 District Team Activity Lessons: 

2020 Wall Construction Team Activity

2020 Wall ConstructionTeam Activity Key

2020 Lean-to Rafter Activity

2020 Door Frame & Exhaust Fan Activity

2020 Door Frame & Exhaust Fan Activity key