2022 Environment and Natural Resources Skills Activity Skills Activity

UPDATED October 21, 2022

Associate Superintendent Contact Information

  • Dr. Jason McKibben

  • Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education

  • Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

  • Telephone, 334.844.4464.

  • Email: jdm0184@auburn.edu


  • The purpose of the Environment and Natural Resources skill activity is to evaluate the students’ ability to perform skills related to water quality, sustainable agricultural practices, soil and water conservation, surveying, and biological waste handling.

  • Participants in this activity will work with soil and water conservation engineering concepts and equipment. Students should be familiar with surveying equipment, irrigation equipment, water pumping equipment, legal land descriptions, water testing kits and concepts related to soil and water conservation engineering.

General Information

  • All students must wear safety glasses during the skill activities. To enter the CDE area, students must have safety glasses in their possession.

  • No iPad, tablet and cell phone devices will be allowed in the contest area. The activity may involve problem solving and calculations. A calculator is highly recommended.

  • Participants in this activity will be expected to work with compact engines so that the engines operate optimally. Students might be asked to complete an activity that includes one or more of the following skills.

Possible activities for the 2022 event

  • Determining flow rates

  • Installing water moving equipment

  • Calculating soil permeability

  • Maintaining pumps


  • Determine appropriate types, locations and uses of erosion-and sedimentation-control basins.

  • Describe and/or calculate surface and subsurface drainage and irrigation techniques

  • Determine power requirements and pump size for specific applications.

  • Apply water pressure, flow and head concepts.

  • Select pumps and power sources and compare efficiencies.

  • Determine soil types and select appropriate structures or practices

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Content Standards

  • CS.08.02.01.a. Use the appropriate procedures for the use and operation of specific tools and equipment.

  • CS.08.02.01.b. Demonstrate safety precautions when using tools for a specific task around bystanders.

  • CS.04.01.02.c. Evaluate sustainability policies and plans and prepare summary of potential improvements for AFNR businesses or organizations.

  • CS.04.02.01.b. Analyze natural resources trends and technologies and explain how they impact AFNR systems (e.g., climate change, green technologies, water resources, etc.).

  • CS.04.02.02.b. Create and defend a hypothetical natural resources policy that will impact current AFNR systems (e.g., for water resources, land use, air quality, etc.).

  • NRS.02.02.01.b Locate natural resources using a land survey and geographic coordinate system.

  • NRS.04.01.01.a. Identify and categorize different kinds of streams.

  • PST.04.03. Follow architectural and mechanical plans to construct, maintain and/or repair AFNR structures (e.g., material selection, site preparation and/or layout, plumbing, concrete/ masonry, etc.).

  • PST.05.03.02.a. Examine the components of precision technologies used in AFNR systems.

Suggested Resources

In addition to the general references specified for the Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE, the following references are suggested for the Compact Equipment Skill Activity. Note: Specific references are listed below, but others may be added at a later date and remember:

Please review the general references for the CDE.

  • Herren, R. V. (2010). Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals & Applications, (6th or 7th ed.) Clifton, Park NY: Delmar.

Please review the general references for the CDE. - CDE rules

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