Overview & Purpose

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical System

Overview and purpose

The changing workplace in America has caused education institutions to reassess the strategies followed when preparing students for employment. To be competitive, a student must be able to access and apply a broad range of information using computers and networks. Today's students must be competent in the management of their resources. They must develop strong interpersonal skills and have experience with complex systems and a variety of technologies.

Effectively preparing for the agricultural mechanics work environment, students must acquire knowledge and skills, and develop the ability to solve difficult problems. The agricultural mechanics professional of tomorrow will perform these skills while working with others and apply such skills in a range of systems and technologies that interrelate. The agricultural mechanics profession requires employees to do much more than perform tasks.

The National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Career Development Event recognizes those students who have developed the competencies necessary for success in the constantly changing workplace. Knowledge and skills are still a part of agricultural mechanics technical content, but many other abilities are now necessary. This event emphasizes the way students work with others, access information, solve complex problems, select an appropriate technology, and apply the principles of science. The Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Career Development Event balances problem-solving abilities, with knowledge, skills, and experience. These abilities are evaluated for students working together as a team and for each student working independently.