Computer Requirements

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National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical System

Computer, Printer and Calculator Requirements

Laptop computer

  • Teams MUST bring a laptop computer to the team activity.

  • Team members must know any passwords or admin codes necessary to operate this computer.

  • We encourage teams to bring a second laptop to the team activity. This will provide a backup computer should the first one fail.

  • The laptops must be able to read PDF files (i.e. Adobe Acrobat Reader), MS-Excel files, and MS-Word files.

  • Laptops need to be current. Older computers are less likely to function properly with current files.

  • Your laptop computer must have a USB port. We will provide a flash drive with information necessary to conduct the team activity. You must be able to read these files.


  • We advise teams to bring a printer.

  • If a team does not bring a printer, however, they will still be able to use a printer that will be provided at the event. Having your own printer will give your team more flexibility by not requiring you to stand in line to get your report printed.

  • Teams should test their computer and printer at home prior to coming to the convention to ensure the working of the printer with the computer.

  • Teams will have TWO options to print their team activity report.

      • Printing Option 1: Teams may bring their own printers and paper to connect to their laptops during the Team Activity

      • Printing Option 2: A printing station will be set up adjacent to the team activity area.

USB flash drive

· We will provide a USB flash drive at the event.

· This flash drive will contain files and directions needed to complete the team activity.

· Your computer needs to have a port capable of reading this flash drive.


  • We advise teams to bring calculators to the team activity. This will provide your team members to make calculations while another team member is using Adobe Reader or MS-Word on your laptop computer.

  • Team members will use calculators during the written exam.

  • Individuals will also use calculators during the skill activities.

  • Students will not be allowed to use computers, cell phones, computer tablets, or any other electric device other than a handheld calculator during the skill activities.

Computer Equipment Checklist

  • Be sure team members know any password needed to access their laptop.

  • Double check that printer paper, cables, and power supplies are included with your equipment.

  • Test your computer with the printer prior to the contest. Note: The security settings on some computers may prevent configuration by regular users. To provide maximum flexibility during the contest it is recommended that security be relaxed or an admin login be required.

  • Test your computer again when you get to Indianapolis to be sure nothing has been damaged during your trip to the convention.

  • The computer must be loaded with MS-Word, MS-Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader or their equivalent.

  • Team members should be familiar with basic functions of the required software.

  • The computer must capable of reading a USB flash drive.

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