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Team Activity

Guidelines for writing the summary report

This report is to summarize the work your team did during the team activity. It will include the steps of the project so someone reading your report could duplicate the project. This report will include the following parts:

  • An introduction-5points

  • Delegation of tasks-10points

  • Discussion and success or challenges-5pointsSteps to designing the product–5 points

  • Steps that another group could use to recreate the sprayer boom-10points

  • Suggestions for improving the process fabricating numerous sprayer booms-5points

  • Discussion of safety practices in fabricating the sprayer boom-5points

  • Conclusion-5points

Scores on report will be based on content, grammar, spelling, organization, and conciseness.

Write the answers to the questions and attach these to the end of your summary report


The introduction should be concise. It should be a brief overview of the team activity. This should be written in narrative form.

Delegations of tasks

In this section the judges want to know how the labor and responsibilities were divided. Explain how the group worked as a team. Identify the division of labor and management. Begin with an introductory sentence. The remainder can be written with bullet points.

Successes and challenges

This section gives you the opportunity to express the successes or challenges your team experienced during the team activity. It can be brief and should be written in narrative form.

Steps for designing the product

Use this section to briefly describe the process you went through to design the product constructed.

Steps for construction

The purpose of this section is to explain to another group the process of constructing the product built in this activity. Begin with an introductory sentence. The remainder can be presented in numbered statements. This part of the report can be an opportunity to make suggestions that would improve the process where you experienced particular challenges.

Commercial fabrication

In this section, briefly describe changes you would make in your process if you were to commercially fabricate a large quantity of this product.

Safety Practices

Discuss the safety practices to be observed in the fabrication process as well as safety practices in the use of this item.


Like the introduction, the conclusion should be brief and to the point. Describe what your team learned and the benefits you received from this activity.

Answers to questions

Write the answers to the questions and attach them to the end of this summary report.

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